Secure Data Exchange

Empower your telematics with our TCU Core, offering effortless integration and secure data exchange for any digital platform.


This means that the latest features, improvements, and security patches can be delivered directly to your vehicle without needing a physical service visit.

Mobility with V2X

Propel into the future of mobility with our TCU Core's V2X technology provides seamless interactions for improved safety and optimized traffic management

e-Call functionality

During emergency situations, our e-Call functionality in TCU Core can automatically notify emergency services by sending critical Vehicle data

Telematic Control Unit

Engineered to deliver unparalleled connectivity and control, our TCU Core acts as the nerve center for your electric vehicle. It seamlessly communicates with various onboard systems, including our sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) and Body Control Module (BCM), ensuring synchronized performance and enhanced safety.

But the reach of our TCU Core extends beyond the vehicle itself - it connects your EV to the digital world, delivering real-time information on vehicle health, battery health, location, and driving patterns And with its universal compatibility, it can effortlessly integrate with any third-party hardware, offering unmatched flexibility. With Inomo's TCU Core, you're not just driving - you're experiencing cutting-edge, connected mobility. where every journey is intelligent, informed, and effortlessly in sync with advanced digital services - like fleet management, route optimization, charge management, battery management, driver behavior monitoring etc. , which in turn drives down the Total Cost of Ownership, reduces your Carbon Footprint and enhances safety for all.

Salient features

  • Control of comfort functions (cabin preconditioning)
  • Interface of charging control center (Enable smooth charging and discharging)
  • Continues logging of drive data (GNSS positioning, SOC, vehicle speed)
  • Immediate reporting of event to the central fleet
  • Automatic system time based on time zone.
  • WIFI/Mobile network access (Remote maintenance & diagnostic)

Add-On possibilities

  • GeoFencing capabilities
  • Performance Monitoring (UIP add-on)
  • Vehicle Immobilization
  • Eco Routing
  • Vehicle health monitoring (UIP add-on is required)

Certification or Standards

  • ECE-R155/R156
  • EN2017/79
  • EN 16454
  • UL 94

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