INOMO Connect
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TCU Light

This compact powerhouse seamlessly integrates with your vehicles, providing real-time insights and empowering you with unparalleled control.

Connect API

Connect API aggregates OEMs’ telematics, providing a unified interface for third-party fleet management, streamlining data integration and accessibility.

TCU Core

All data collected by the vehicles instruments are uploaded to a cloud-based network, which are then accessible via out Telematric Control Unit.

INOMO Energy
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ECM solution can optimize charging operations and energy usages for electric vehicles and specific use cases. Make data driven decisions for sustainable and cost effective operations.

Energy Storage

Empower your business with scalable and sustainable Energy Storage capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted power supplies during peak demand and emergencies.

Battery Management System

Designed to revolutionize EV and Energy Storage experience with smart control. Monitoring with our BMS maximizes range, safety and provides seamless integration with any battery source.

INOMO Solution
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Vehicle Control Unit

Experience peak efficiency and safety with our VCU, the smart solution for optimized electric driving. Unlock seamless driving experience.

Body Control Module

Vehicles will be more than just a means of transport and locomotion. Ideally, they will also offer the driver a number of comfort and safety features. This is precisely why the Body Control Modules (BCM) are needed as central control units

INOMO Insights
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Battery Lifetime

Maximize Battery performance and longetivity with our state-of-the-art analysis , Accurately predict lifespan , ensuring optimal device uptime

Data Products

Your gateway to data driver excellence , to dive into transformative insights with our data platform

Energy Storage
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We see the bigger picture.

Everything you need from one source - that is the benefit we as INOMO deliver.

INOMO - We make e-mobility easier

E-mobility has arrived in our everyday lives. Whether for private or commercial use: emission-free and climate-friendly technologies become more and more important.

We believe in a sustainable future

At INOMO Technologies, we believe in a sustainable future where no resource goes to waste.

You may have already seen us

You may have already seen us on the streets - even without knowing. Former known as ...

Last mile also matters

Everyone is talking about Sustainability, Electrification, and Connectivity - the question is no longer- if but how. Our vision is to revolutionize the last mile delivery...

By the beginning of February

By the beginning of February, Thomas Kubbe as head of our Chemnitz site was invited to the very first ‘Energy Dialogue’ taking place at the eins energy conference center.

Get ready to embark on a fresh digital journey

Get ready to embark on a fresh digital journey with us! We're thrilled to announce the relaunch of our redesigned website - it's a completely new look, feel, and experience.

Get ready to embark

Get ready to embark on a fresh digital journey with us! We're thrilled to announce the relaunch of our redesigned website - it's a completely new look, feel, and experience.