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Connected vehicle data has proven to be an incredibly effective tool for fleet managers, delivering a multitude of benefits and a high ROI. As OEMs continue to install embedded connectivity, fleet managers have access to real-time monitoring of various vehicle operations, resulting in a cost-effective and streamlined process. With these benefits in mind, more and more fleets are turning to OEMs to unlock the potential of embedded vehicle data. However, managing multi-brand fleets poses several challenges for fleet managers, especially connecting with multiple OEMs to access the wealth of data their vehicles generate.

Fleet operators who manage multiple brands of vehicles often have to integrate with each OEM’s Fleet Management System.

Fortunately, the INOMO Connect Platform provides a solution to this challenge. The platform facilitates open communication between fleet operators and all their vehicles via the INOMO CONNECT API, streamlining fleet management by gathering, refining, and standardizing telematics data. With the INOMO CONNECT API, you can easily aggregate telematics data from various types of fleets and link up with any third-party Fleet Management system of your choice.

Salient Features

  • Easy to use APIs.
  • Reduced cost of development.
  • Securely managed, maintained and updated APIs.
  • Vehicle Agnostic.
  • Seamless integration with any third-party telematics system.
  • Connect to the Fleet Management System of your choice.

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